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Why Study Chinese?


1. It is the language of 1/6th of humanity. You're likely to use this language anywhere in the world.

2. Research shows that the study of Chinese, unlike most other languages, develops both sides of the brain. The unique pictographic script and modular nature of the language is responsible for this phenomenon.

3. Appreciate the aesthetic aspect of a language that is art, logic and semantics. Look at some of the characters close enough and you will find that they actually look like what they describe. Chinese calligraphy in itself is a highly respected and appreciated art worldwide.

4. Trade between India and China is booming. The number of Indians, however, fluent in Chinese is very small. If you're interested in international business or trade, studying Chinese is a great idea. You'll earn goodwill points from your Chinese business partners even if you're able to speak a little bit of their language.

5. Studying at our institute will give you valuable language skills and confidence before your study or travel trip to China . We guarantee that you won't be left grappling for words while you're there.
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