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Contact Classes

The Chinese Language Institute has closed its Delhi centre and relocated to Gurgaon. All classes are now being held in Gurgaon. The standard 40 hour course costs Rs 12,500 (inclusive of study material and all other charges).

Download our study brochure here (requires Adobe Pdf reader).

Our contact classes are small and focused on practical conversational training. We want to strongly emphasize that CLI does not take an academic approach to language training. Conversing in Chinese need not be the result of years of toil. Instead, our classes are focused on enabling students to comprehend and speak in as little as 2 months. We are able to do this through our unique methodology (explained below) and small class sizes which ensures student participation.

Typically, our focus on conversational training works as follows:

First, the student says a word, phrase, or sentence in English; next, the Chinese teacher says the corresponding word, phrase, or sentence in Chinese; the student listens, and then, during a specified pause, the student repeats aloud, in Chinese, what he/she just heard. Then the Chinese teacher repeats the correct answer as verification or correction.

As the lesson proceeds, words, phrases, and sentences are repeated at key intervals to gradually instill them into the students’ long-term memory. Soon, as the Chinese teacher asks questions, the students will have learned the appropriate responses. The key is that speaking aloud by the students is absolutely vital to the process.

We know what you’ll say: it’s simple, almost too simple. But trust us, it works. This is almost the same methodology as used in the world-famous Pimsleur Approach to learning languages.

For information on our class timings, please see the Class Schedule section of the website.


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